OPC Small Pool Chemical Kit - For Popup | Inflatable | Above Ground Pools - Perfect Garden pool kit

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Above Ground Pool Kit (Small Swimming Pool Kit)

Contents: 500g Stabilised Clorine Granules, 750g pH MInus, 500g pH Plus, 500ml Weekly Copper Free Algaecide,  3 in 1 test strips, Water Care Guide

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OPC Small Pool Chemical Kit - For Popup | Inflatable | Above Ground Pools - Perfect Garden pool kit


Above Ground Pool (Small Pool) Water Care Guide

Following the simple steps in the  Above Ground Swimming Pool (Small  Pool) Water Care Guide will ensure long term enjoyment, the water is safe to bathe (free from
bacteria) and crystal clear.
1. Ensure the swimming pool has circulating water and also has a filter.
2. Test the water on a daily basis to determine the correct water balance readings.
3. The correct water balance readings Free Chlorine 2 – 4ppm pH 7.2 – 7.5 Chlorine Stabiliser No higher than 50ppm
4. Always add chemicals to circulating water, if water temperature is below 210C pre-dissolve product in clean container containing 10 litres of warm water.
5. Ensure the pH reading is at the correct reading, to REDUCE the pH reading add OPC pH Reducer 10g per 1,000 litres of water will REDUCE pH reading by 0.2: to INCREASE the pH reading add pH Plus 10g per 1,000 litres of water will INCREASE pH reading by 0.2
6. Adding Chlorine, this will ensure bacteria is killed and the water is safe to bathe. Add OPC Stabilised Chlorine Granules at the rate of 3g per 1,000 litres of pool water to increase free chlorine by 1ppm. 
7. Add OPC WEEKLY ALGAECIDE at the rate of 40ml per 2,400 litres on a weekly basis.
8. During hot weather or extended usage of the water it is recommended to SHOCK DOSE the water with OPC CHLORINE SHOCK GRANULES to ensure water clarity is maintained and any un-filterable waste is eliminated. Raise free chlorine levels in the swimming pool water to 5ppm dosing OPC CHLORINE SHOCK GRANULES at a rate of 2g per 1000lts of pool water to increase free chlorine by 1ppm.
9. Ensure the Cartridge Filter is cleaned regularly (weekly), use OPC FILTER CLEANER to maintain

NOTE: Swimming Pool not included

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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