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  • Introducing the new PoolLab® 1.0

    Owning a pool comes with great rewards and a number of responsibilities. You need to be confident that the sanitiser concentration are at the correct levels and controlled for the health and comfort of your bathers. The disinfection of a swimming pool is typically achieved with the use of chlorine, when using chlorine, it is important you monitor the levels regularly to avoid infections and irritation to the bathers. Another form of sanitiser is bromine, this sanitiser is predominately associated with indoor domestic swimming pools, hot tubs and hydrotherapy pools. It is equally important these levels are regularly monitored to provide an exceptional bathing experience.
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  • Britain’s Best Lidos for Summer Swimming

    As you know, Britain doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. So, when the sun does decide to come out, people take to the beach with their boogie boards and beachwear to make the most of it. However, if you want to steer away from wet sand and the cold sea, why not head to some of Britain’s best lidos instead?

    Take a look our pick of the best outdoor pools so you can truly enjoy some summer swimming.

    Nick under CC by 2.0

    The Lido, Bristol

    Clifton is not only home to Bristol Zoo and the world-famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, it has The Lido too. If you haven’t been before, you’ve been missing out. For just £20, you can make the most of the pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room between 1pm and 4pm Monday to Friday.

    The pool is heated accordingly throughout the year, so you can always enjoy swimming in this open air pool regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. To truly make the most of The Lido, go for a post swim bite to eat at the restaurant or relax with a spa package. A visit to the oldest surviving lido in the UK is a must.

    Chris Sampson under CC by 2.0

    Tinside Lido, Plymouth

    Tinside Lido has been voted one of the top 10 best outdoor pools in Europe, and it’s no surprise why. The pool overlooks the sea, making it a popular place for both locals and tourists to visit for a spot of summer swimming.

    A swimming session at Tinside Lido costs just £4.75, making it one of the cheapest lidos in the UK. If that’s not a reason to visit, we’re not sure what is! Don’t miss out on a visit to this grade II listed outdoor pool.

    Image Source: thermae_bath_spa

    Thermae Bath Spa, Bath

    While this isn’t essentially a lido, it’s an outdoor pool we just had to include in our pick of the best. The beauty of this open air pool is that it’s surrounded by spectacular views of the city, so as you swim in the mineral-rich water you can take in the beautiful buildings nearby.

    For a 2-hour spa session, which includes access to the roof-top open air pool, the Minerva bath and the wellness suite, it’ll cost you just £35. Unless you’re visiting on a Saturday or Sunday, in which case it’s £3 extra. Be sure to visit the Thermae Bath Spa when you’re next in the city, it’s worth every penny.

    Image Source: cardigankate

    Saltdean Lido, Brighton

    This lido has recently reopened after a seven-year revamp and, if you haven’t managed to make a visit yet, you need to. Saltdean Lido is located right on the seafront and has a heated swimming pool, paddling pool and play area, making it fun for the whole family!

    The innovative design, which resembles a cruise liner, further attracts swimmers to Saltdean Lido and for just £7.50 per swim session, you can’t go wrong. Head to Brighton and swim in one of the best lidos in Britain.

    If you’re planning on heading to these outdoor pool this summer, be sure to read more of our blogs for some tips and tricks.

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  • How to Chlorine shock dose your swimming pool or hot tub

    Shocking dose your pool is a critical process to make sure your pool has that crystal clean look! This process will raise the chlorine level by approximately 5 times, killing bad organics, unfilterable waste, algae and bacteria making your pool a safer environment for you and your family. Shocking dose your pool is important and should happen on a regular basis, ideally during the peak season on a weekly basis or sooner after heavy use of the swimming pool.

    Here are 4 handy tips to help you make the most of your pool:
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