Often overlooked but the simple process of backwashing the filter ensures the filter media is kept clean and efficiency of the filter is maximised. Every last drop of water passes through the filter media so over time it becomes dirty and reduced efficiency, if left water conditions deteriorate leaving the water cloudy and generally not unpleasant.

During periods of warm / hot weather and heavy usage of the swimming pool its recommended backwashing on a weekly basis, this will ensure maximum filter efficiency and refresh the water with clean water when topped up; this is vital for the life of swimming pool water and helps ensure the water is not over stabilised with chlorine stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid)

We recommend when the backwash is completed and water topped up check the water chemistry balance (pH 7.2 – 7.4 and free chlorine 2 – ppm) adjust pH with OPC pH Plus or OPC pH Minus and shock dose with OPC Chlorine Shock Granules.

Finally, to add extra clarity to the water add OPC Pool Sparkle for that extra fine polish to the water.

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