Going Greenclear: Say Goodbye to Algae and Mould


Both algae and mould are a fence enthusiast’s nightmare, it can really take the shine off the summer décor that you had worked so hard to achieve throughout the months of spring.

Fortunately, we here at Online Pool Chemicals have a passion for ensuring that you gardeners have the best chance of completing your dream landscape.

Greenclear is a great way to avoid the issue of algae and mould, and will keep that exact dream intact. Take a look at how exactly we can help you below.

What Causes Algae, Mould and Fungi?

Garden structures such as wooden fences, patios and paths are at risk of being damaged by algae, mould and fungi almost all year round.

Algae, mould and fungi love nothing more than damp, moist conditions and there are few better places for these to grow than in your garden.

Since most of us put our landscaping dreams on hold during the winter and autumnal months, it’s safe to say that preventing the growth of these gardening pests is far from the forefront of our minds.

Unfortunately for us, when summer does roll around however, we can often find our projects delayed by an annoying eye sore that can take hours, if not days, to remove.

How Can Greenclear Help?

In short, Greenclear is how you can ensure that whatever design, dream or idea you had in mind for your garden is completed within the timescale you envisioned.

It’s effective for all of those annoyances that we mentioned above, and it doesn’t compromise the quality of your structure in the process.

It even avoids any unnecessary elbow grease too! Just apply it to your masterpiece of choice, and voila you’re good to go. There’s no scrubbing and the results are almost instant.

Still not convinced? Take a look at a few of our customer photos below.

If you’d like to learn more about Greenclear and how it could help you, why not take a look for yourself here?

Otherwise, happy gardening!