Shocking dose your pool is a critical process to make sure your pool has that crystal clean look! This process will raise the chlorine level by approximately 5 times, killing bad organics, unfilterable waste, algae and bacteria making your pool a safer environment for you and your family. Shocking dose your pool is important and should happen on a regular basis, ideally during the peak season on a weekly basis or sooner after heavy use of the swimming pool.


Here are 4 handy tips to help you make the most of your pool:

1. When should I shock my pool or hot tub?

Shocking your pool should happen on a regular basis, but what do we mean by “regular”? Your shock treatment should take into consideration the amount of times your pool is being used and also the temperature of your pool water. To make sure you are shock dosing your pool at the correct time then it is important to check the chlorine levels in your pool, this can be done using a test kit if the chlorine and the free chlorine are below these levels then this means it is time to shock your pool. We recommend on shocking your pool at least weekly during the summer and then fortnightly during quieter periods or if the water is hotter like a spa or hot tub then at least weekly (use OPC SPA Non Chlorine Shock Granules). If you want more information please refer to our Help and Advice section

2.When is the best time to shock my pool or hot tub?

We recommend that shocking should take place when the sun has gone down, the UV rays from the sun can affect the chlorine or other chemicals so this will ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from the chemical, the end of the weekend tends to be a popular time to shock dose the water.

3.Preparing to shock your pool or hot tub; ensure NO BATHERS are in the water when adding chemicals.

Ensure the cover is removed whilst shock dosing, the swimming pool or hot tub will need to be uncovered throughout the shock dosing process.

If your using chlorine shock granules then these must be dissolved first, following the instructions on the packaging carefully mix the chemicals with water. Remember never add water to the chemicals always add the chemicals to the water.

The Chlorine shock mixture will then be added directly to the water with the filtration (circulation) running; never shock dose the water when the circulation is turned off. With the filtration (circulation) on slowly add the solution directly in front of your return line. Poor the solution in slowly enough to make sure none of it drops and rests on the pool floor and that all the solution is dispersed throughout the swimming pool water.

4.Make sure your pool is safe to swim or bath before re-entering

High chlorine levels in your pool can be very dangerous, make sure that your chlorine levels are safe, you can do this by using a test kit. Ensure the reading for free chlorine have dropped below 5ppm before swimming re-starts.

After you have completed your shock treatment you can then enjoy a nice clean crystal-clear pool or hot tub. If you need any more advice or chemicals then feel free to visit our online store.