Dog in PoolAllowing family pets to use swimming pools is becoming increasingly common amongst pool owners as the warmer seasons approach. Whilst you can always allow your dog to use the pool, it’s strongly recommended you always take precautions to ensure no harm is brought to much loved pets by the swimming pools contents and design flaws.

There is a degree of education involved in allowing your dog to use the pool. The first things to remember are:


Dogs can drown in the swimming pool if they aren’t taught how to use the steps properly. Before any of your pets are allowed to be around the pool unsupervised, ensure you’ve taught them properly how to use the steps. This could potentially save their lives as dogs can be left helpless when trying to climb out of the side of the pool.


Dogs need to be taught not to drink chlorinated water as it can affect their sensitive digestive system and make them feel unwell. So to avoid this, keep a bowl of water near the swimming pool for them to drink out of and train them only to drink from there. This should avoid any unwanted accidents further down the line.


Dog’s skin is also incredibly sensitive! As chlorine is an alkaline solution like bleach, give your dog a nice bath after taking a dip and wash their fur clean so there’s no irritation of the skin. Be wary however, as washing and bathing dogs too often can break down the natural oils on their skin and fur. Without these oils, pets can get a dull coat and irritated skin.

The key thing to remember is dogs can use the pool freely, but need to be cleaned afterward and always need their safety kept in mind by their owner. That means you! Otherwise it’s perfectly fine for your dog to enjoy the swimming pool as we do. Just keep shocking the water once a week, or more frequently after warm weather and prolonged bathing  as normal with Chlorine Shock Granules and to restore the clarity use Pool and Spa Sparkle. Don't forget to backwash the filter(s) regularly and take some extra time to clean out the skimmers etc. of dog hair and other debris so that you and your pet are ready for the summer!