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  • Is it possible to have a completely chemical-free pool?


    Here at Online Pool Chemicals, you’ll know that we’re committed to providing simple, sanitary solutions for pool owners across the world.

    What’s more, sourcing eco-friendly, sustainable products is one of our top priorities – ensuring that your pool stays safe for the long term without adversely affecting the local ecosystem.

    However, you may also have heard some manufacturers boast about providing chemical-free pool solutions and we wanted to check those claims out – while casting aside the fact that all things in the world, whether water, mineral or living organisms, consist of chemical compounds. But that’s just us being picky.

    Is it possible to have a completely chemical-free pool? We don’t think so. Here’s why: Continue reading

  • Winterise – how to prepare your pool for winter

    WinterBrrrr. It won’t have escaped your notice that the weather has turned somewhat wintry. And that means that you need to think about protecting your pool from the colder climes of winter.

    Here’s how to make sure your pool’s ready for all that Old Man Winter has to throw at it: Continue reading

  • Swimming pool designs – what are the current trends?

    MosaicThese days, swimming pools come in so many different shapes and sizes than the classic rectangular, blue-lined design. Thanks to technological advances and changes in trends, the high-end, desirable nature of pools means that owners are always adding new exciting features and designs to keep up with the Joneses.

    What are the features and trends being seen in new swimming pools? What is popular with pool owners in 2013? Continue reading

  • How to calculate the chemicals required in your pool

    CalculateDid you know that your swimming pool is like a scientific experiment? Each pool is different and if you don’t use the proper quantity of treatments in the right order then everything could go wrong. But combine them correctly and your pool or hot tub will be gleaming. Continue reading

  • How to prevent foaming in your hot tub

    Have you ever been sitting in your hot tub and found yourself surrounded in foam? It’s not quite as pleasant as a nice relaxing bubble bath is it? Normally this hot tub foam is the result of a foreign agent being introduced to the water and reacting with the spa chemicals, which can be easily prevented. There is a common misconception that foaming is a natural result of cleaning, but the fact is that quality cleaning products should not cause foaming. Our Chlorine Shock Granules, for example, will clean your water without causing a bubble bath effect.

    So, what is it that is causing the foam to appear and how can you stop it? Continue reading

  • An Algae Guide– How can I beat it in my Hot Tub or Pool

    AlgaeAlgae. If there’s a bigger bane to the life of a swimming pool or hot tub owner then we’re yet to see it. We offer different types of water treatment- from Chlorine Shock Granules to Bromine Tablets- but what is the best for you?

    Did you know that there are over 30,000 different types of algae across the world? To treat it properly you need the best pool algaecides and to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Let’s discover the ins and outs of algae. Continue reading

  • The difference between regular and shock treatments in a pool

    DuckIt’s a fact of life, albeit an inconvenient one for swimming pool owners, that both indoor and outdoor pools need constant sanitisation with chlorine or they’ll become dirty, ridden with bugs and, crucially, not a lot of fun to swim in.

    Usually, an owner will utilise two different treatment techniques in order to spread chlorine in a pool and keep it in good nick – stabilised, regular treatments and pool shock treatments.

    But what’s the different between shock treatments and regular treatments? Let’s take a look: Continue reading

  • How to keep your pool safe all year round

    We all like a little swim (or a paddle if you’re a non-swimmer) and if the British weather is up to its usual stormy tricks then a trip to an indoor pool’s in order. If you haven’t got your own, then a local leisure centre or spa will more than suffice.

    If you do own a pool, be it for business or for personal pleasure, the compulsory health and safety requirements we've all come to loathe – but at the same time appreciate – need to be implemented. As long as you follow these five recommendations you’ll be operating a very safe pool indeed. The last thing people want to be swimming in is a pool that could endanger their life, especially if they have small children. Aside from keeping your pool safe at a chemical level with chlorine tablets, here are some non-chemical related tips! Continue reading

  • Chlorine tablets Vs. granules – which is best for my pool?

    Buying the right kit for your pool can be a confusing task. Everyone wants a clean, clear and aesthetically-pleasing outside pool but there are different methods that work in different climates and locations. Therefore, it’s tough to know what to buy and when to use it.

    Chlorine tablets and granules are the two primary ways to keep a pool clear and clean. But how do they work? And which is the best option for your pool? Continue reading

  • Swimming safe – how to avoid injury at the pool

    We've been enjoying a lot of surprisingly decent weather in the last few weeks. Sure, the temperatures haven’t hit the heights that perhaps we’d dream of, but it’s been a relatively dry June – let’s hope that it continues into the summer.

    Of course, it goes without saying that it’s perfect pool weather. And if you’re not making the most of your wet area this time of year, then frankly it’s not worth having a pool. Unfortunately, this time of year also comes with its share of swimming pool injuries.

    Here’s how to stay safe in and outside your pool: Continue reading

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