It’s been a long time coming but summer is finally here, for some last weekend was very warm, with many using their swimming pools this season.

Remember these simple tasks to get the most out of your swimming pool this summer

  • Check the Chlorine and pH readings daily. Use either Palintest 6 in 1 Test Strips or Pooltester for quick and easy results
  • Always re-check the water chemistry after period of prolonged and heavy use of the swimming pool, this can often lead to very low levels of sanitiser which needs to be addressed quickly to avoid the water going green / cloudy
  • Ensure the pH levels are correct (7.2 – 7.4) and add either OPC pH Plus (to increase the pH of the water) or OPC pH Minus (to reduce the pH of the water). A top tip to ensure you achieve the best results from shock dosing lower the pH of the water to 7.2
  • Shock dose the water with OPC Chlorine Shock Granules weekly and / or after heavy use.
  • Top up algaecide levels regularly, don’t forget long life algaecides such as Summerguard and Klearpool Long Life Copper Algaecide are effective treatment for up to 6 months (with maintenance dosing)
  • Make sure everyone showers before they enter the swimming pool.
  • Backwash sand media filters regularly.

By following these simple steps you’ll get the most out of your swimming pool this summer.

*Use biocides safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.