This summer has been a record breaker and swimming pool owners having been getting the most of their investment, the weather forecasters inform us the good weather will stay with us until the end of August if not beyond. Most swimming pool owners use a number of sanitisers during the peak swimming season Stabilised Chlorine products are the most popular however prolonged use of these will increase the chlorine stabiliser reading and can result in chlorine lock.

To avoid this we recommend increasing the frequency on backwashing the water (if possible), this process cleans the filter media with dirty water going to waste and switching sanitiser to an un-stabilised sanitiser until chlorine stabiliser (cyanuric acid) levels have dropped.

To measure Chlorine Stabiliser readings we recommend OPC 5 in 1 Test Strips  or Palintest 6 in 1 Test Strips both products test and measure chlorine stabiliser readings.

Test chlorine stabiliser readings regularly to avoid chlorine lock in the future.

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