We've been enjoying a lot of surprisingly decent weather in the last few weeks. Sure, the temperatures haven’t hit the heights that perhaps we’d dream of, but it’s been a relatively dry June – let’s hope that it continues into the summer.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s perfect pool weather. And if you’re not making the most of your wet area this time of year, then frankly it’s not worth having a pool. Unfortunately, this time of year also comes with its share of swimming pool injuries.

Here’s how to stay safe in and outside your pool:

Maintain it

Well, we’d be a negligent pool chemical company if we weren't advocating the correct treatment for your pool, weren't we? But the fact remains that keeping your pool free from bacteria with a full range of cleansing chemicals and treatments is the main way that everyone can stay safe in the pool.

Of course, it is possible to over-maintain a pool; you want the correct chemicals in the pool at the correct quantities and if you don’t you’ll end up with stinging eyes or worse.

Clean it correctly

If you want a safe swimming area, you can also buy all the chemicals that you want, but you also need to put some leg work in. Algae and slippery growths can also emerge on the edge of pools, making them a potential hazard for slips, trips and falls, so you’ll want to scrub the sides intermittently. What’s more, because falling debris from plants and flowers can quickly biodegrade into slippery sludge, it’s important to keep your pool area well brushed, particularly in autumn or summer when leaves and blossom start to fall.

A pug on a lilo

Keep safety equipment nearby

It’s a sad fact that drowning is a leading cause of death for young people and the fifth-leading reason for unintentional mortality among all people.

Therefore, it’s essential to have some lifesaving kit nearby in case someone is struggling to stay afloat in the pool and to keep buoyancy equipment attached to weak swimmers (dogs included…), while you’ll need a trained health and safety representative by the pool to take charge in unfortunate circumstances.

Behave correctly

Sure, it’s the tedious solution, but the fact remains that behaving well around the pool is the simplest way to avoid mishaps. We’re not at school anymore, so we’re not going to lecture you on the correct pool etiquette, but be careful when you’re out there and remember that running around and acting the fool can sometimes end in tears. Sorry for being boring.