Champion Poolside Deep Clean 1L

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Champion Poolside Deep Clean 1L


Champion Poolside Deep Clean is specially designed for heavily contaminated poolside areas in health clubs, sport centres and leisure centres, where regular cleaning agents are not strong enough.

Champion Poolside Deep Clean removes algae, limescale, fats and other stubborn stains from tiles, stainless steel and plastic surfaces.

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Champion Poolside Deep Clean 1L


Champion Poolside Deep Clean 1L




Dilute with water according to the rates above. Apply using a mop, brush or spray. Allow a few minutes contact time at low concentrations. At high concentrations or when using neat, do not allow the product to settle on the surface too long as it may cause bleaching. Rinse thoroughly, taking care to minimize any contamination of the pool water.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Always test surface compatibility prior to use.

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Model ONPFG115/1
Manufacturer Pool & Spa Chemicals
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