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Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets 1Kg

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  • Sanitises spa water
  • Works at higher pH
  • Kind on skin and eyes
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Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets 1Kg

Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets are formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms, creating a comfortable bathing environment.


On start-up:

For new spas being filled for the first time, shock dose with Fi-Clor Superchlorinator to kill any harmful organisms that might be present in water left in the circulation system from factory testing.

For ongoing sanitisation:

Only use these tablets in a circulatory feeder or floating dispenser designed for bromine tablets - see the Floating Bromine Dispenser

  1. Check to make sure any tablets currently in use are bromine tablets. Never mix bromine tablets with any other chemical.
  2. Refill the feeder or dispenser as required following the manufacturer's guidelines.
  3. Test the water at regular intervals.
  4. Maintain bromine levels between 4 - 6mg/l (ppm) at all times.
  5. Use the controls on the feeder or dispenser to raise or lower the bromine as necessary.
  6. Maintain pH between 7.2 -7.6.
  7. Shock dose regularly with Spa Non-Chlorine Shock to remove organic pollutants and regenerate spent bromine.

Storage & Handling

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from oxidizing and reducing agents, strong acid, alkalis, solvents and organic materials. 
  • Do not mix with other chemicals. 
  • Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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