Ongoing Swimming Pool Maintenance

Throughout the season it is important to monitor your pool conditions and use the appropriate pool chemicals to react to what test results and visual inspection are telling you.

With a little experience it quickly becomes second nature to control the water quality correctly.

Once the balance is established it is fairly easy to maintain a clean and clear pool water. For details on Water Balance click here

The main criteria is to ensure biocidal cover is maintained to minimise bacteria. This is covered by treating on a varying basis the type of biocide applied.

Each has a slightly different effect.


Test / Dose

Stabilised Chlorine Granules


Chlorine Tablets

2 x per week

Bromine Tablets

2 x per week


1 x per week


Your bacteria killing programme will usually be an algaecide with one of the others noted above.

Tablets typically last longer than powders so need addressing less frequently.

It is always essential to note the compatibility of varying chemical treatment programmes.

It is also advisable to keep a record of the tests and dosing, this will enable you to identify trends caused by factors such as the weather, bather usage etc.