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Chlorine Free Pool Chemicals

Are you trying to create a truly inviting, comfortable atmosphere at your pool? If so, you may want to consider chlorine free chemicals, which will keep your pool or spa safe and clean, and all while avoiding the unsavoury aromas that result from chlorine-based cleaning products.

Unlike traditional pool cleaners such as regular chlorine or bromine, these shock granules give off no smell or taste – meaning that you and others can swim without suffering from stinging eyes and other chlorine-based unpleasantness. Plus, they dissolve quickly and are just as effective as regular treatments, while they can be relied on at high temperatures too.

Great Prices on Chlorine Free Products

Odourless chlorine free treatments are very popular with luxury spas and hot tub locations, where algae and organisms need combatting, but without the distracting odour. And whether you’re creating a relaxing spa haven for commercial purposes or simply to relax in after a hard day, at Online Pool Chemicals, we’ve a wide array of water treatment products to help you to get the very best from your pool, spa or hot tub.

Shop online today at Online Pool Chemicals to find out how we can help – don’t forget, we offer FREE delivery on all orders over £50. And if you’ve any questions about which water treatment will be best for you, visit our support pages, or drop our friendly team an email on

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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