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PrimeLab Photometer for Pools

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  • PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest Photometer
  • black plastic case
  • 4x24mm/10ml glass vials
  • light shield
  • stirring rod
  • 10ml syringe
  • cleaning brush
  • Bluetooth® USB dongle
  • 110V/230V interchangeable supply and full manual.
  • Each PrimeLab Photometer is supplied pre-loaded with five parameters fixed: Chlorine, Calcium Hardness, PH – MR (6.4-8.4), Alkalinity – M and Cyanuric Acid.
  • *Starter pack of reagents included in all purchases of the photometer for the above parameters.
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PrimeLab Photometer for Pools

The PrimeLab hand-held Bluetooth® device is an expandable and portable photometer developed for ultimate flexibility for use in a range of water systems including public pools, food and beverage industry, laboratories or industrial disinfection – this photometer determines concentrations in solutions.
The 'PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest' is a photometer of the latest generation. With only one light source and the JENCOLOR multi-spectral sensor used exclusively in the PrimeLab, it is possible to measure all water parameters where the water sample is visibly discoloured after addition of a reagent. The excellent accuracy of the JENCOLOR sensor even allows self-calibration of the system at the press of a button.

Key Features:

  • First and only photometer with just 1 LED / 1 JENCOLOR sensor, covering the 400 wavelength (380nm-780nm)
  • More than a 100 different parameters available. Activation of add-on parameters is possible even after purchase
  • Powerful PC-software and App with free cloud service
  • Creating reports and dosage recommendations by just a click, using your individual water treatment chemicals

Bluetooth wireless connection

In addition, the ‘PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest’ connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® to your Windows PC and the included software, as quickly and easily as you know it from your smartphone in your car. 

Storage & Handling

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from oxidizing and reducing agents, strong acid, alkalis, solvents and organic materials. 
  • Do not mix with other chemicals. 
  • Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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