Hot Tub Chemicals



If you’re looking to keep your swimming pool or hot tub in top condition, it’s essential to use the right chemicals. At Online Pool Chemicals, we specialise in a wide range of water treatments – keeping your leisure area safe, sanitary and sparkling all year round.

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Great Prices on Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals

We’re one of the UK’s most popular names when it comes to water treatment, and at Online Pool Chemicals, you can find all the essentials that you need to enjoy a safe, sanitary experience – whether you own a small hot tub or an Olympic-sized swimming pool. We’ve a wide range of products to help both private and commercial customers get the most from their facilities, including:

Chlorine and Bromine – quick dissolving granules and tablets for a range of pools and leisure areas. Spa essentials – to give that authentic relaxing spa atmosphere
Algaecide – preventing unsightly algae with both long life and regular algaecides
Dosing kits – ensuring that chemicals are dispensed in a measured, safe manner
Chlorine free chemicals – taste and aroma-free pool treatments
Starter kits – helping novices test and treat water for the first time or for a new season
Water balance and testing – ensuring pools stay safe throughout the year
Bulk chemicals – giving great discounts for bigger areas
Or perhaps you’re wondering which treatment is best for you?

Our team are always on hand to offer advice and tips on which approach will suit you – get in touch by visiting our Contact page.