Chlorine Shock

Fast-acting Pool Chemicals

Whether you own a small hot tub or a 100 metre pool, you’ll be aware that sometimes you can lose control of your sanitisation plans, and you may need to take control back over slime or algae that’s beginning to collect  on surface water and walls. That’s where chlorine shock granules come in, and that’s why they’re a very popular option with thousands of water lovers across the country.

‘Shock’ products such as these are very effective at killing bacteria and breaking down organisms that have formed in pools. As they’re rapid dissolving, they act quickly, and raise the chlorine levels quicker than regular treatments so you won’t have to wait long before returning to the water. 

Shock Granules at Alarmingly Good Prices

At Online Pool Chemicals, our shock granules come in a range of sizes to suit you, from 5 to 20kg –and you’ll love our competitive prices and special giveaways. Plus, when you spend over £50 online with us, we’ll deliver your goods absolutely FREE.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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27 Item(s)