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  • Pools and newborns: when can my baby swim for the first time?

    BabyDid you know that swimming with your newborn baby is a great way to boost its development? As well as allowing the two of you to bond personally, introducing a very young child to water allows them to build their confidence and develop an understanding of their limbs long before they can do the same on dry land.

    So long as they’re the right temperature, private pools are the perfect place to introduce a baby to water for the first time, as you’ll be able to dedicate all your attention to them and they won’t get confused by the often-raucous atmosphere of a public pool.

    Here’s our essential guide to having fun swimming with your baby: Continue reading

  • Is it possible to have a completely chemical-free pool?


    Here at Online Pool Chemicals, you’ll know that we’re committed to providing simple, sanitary solutions for pool owners across the world.

    What’s more, sourcing eco-friendly, sustainable products is one of our top priorities – ensuring that your pool stays safe for the long term without adversely affecting the local ecosystem.

    However, you may also have heard some manufacturers boast about providing chemical-free pool solutions and we wanted to check those claims out – while casting aside the fact that all things in the world, whether water, mineral or living organisms, consist of chemical compounds. But that’s just us being picky.

    Is it possible to have a completely chemical-free pool? We don’t think so. Here’s why: Continue reading

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