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  • An Algae Guide– How can I beat it in my Hot Tub or Pool

    AlgaeAlgae. If there’s a bigger bane to the life of a swimming pool or hot tub owner then we’re yet to see it. We offer different types of water treatment- from Chlorine Shock Granules to Bromine Tablets- but what is the best for you?

    Did you know that there are over 30,000 different types of algae across the world? To treat it properly you need the best pool algaecides and to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Let’s discover the ins and outs of algae. Continue reading

  • The difference between regular and shock treatments in a pool

    DuckIt’s a fact of life, albeit an inconvenient one for swimming pool owners, that both indoor and outdoor pools need constant sanitisation with chlorine or they’ll become dirty, ridden with bugs and, crucially, not a lot of fun to swim in.

    Usually, an owner will utilise two different treatment techniques in order to spread chlorine in a pool and keep it in good nick – stabilised, regular treatments and pool shock treatments.

    But what’s the different between shock treatments and regular treatments? Let’s take a look: Continue reading

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