Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • How to ensure your swimming pool adds value to your home

    Did you know that a swimming pool can add value to your home? If you do it right, the increased price of your home after installing a pool can be worth the investment alone.

    However sometimes it can be a turn off for potential buyers. Here’s how to ensure that your pool isn't a millstone around your neck when you're selling your home: Continue reading

  • How to deal with black algae in your swimming pool

    Black algaeOf all the many types of algae that can contaminate and spoil a pool or hot tub, there are none worse than black algae.

    Although they’re not as widespread as green algae, black algae (also known as blackspot algae) are a darn sight harder to get rid of once they're manifested in your pool. Let’s take a detailed look at this particularly pernicious plant. What is it? How can you prevent it? And what can you do to get rid of it? Continue reading

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