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  • How Swimming Can Help You Get Rid of Your Cellulite

    Unfortunately, cellulite gets the better of most of us. Statistics show that 90% of women suffer with cellulite – that’s right, it’s most likely that even Kate Moss has this disastrous dimpling. Fortunately for men, only 10% of them have this condition. Why? Men store fat cells in a different way to women, so the septae (the connective tissue that fills the gap between cells) does not get affected. However the majority of us are prone to this cellulite and feel extremely self-conscious when at the beach. So what can you do to banish cellulite, or at least help get rid of it? Swim, swim, swim.

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  • Eww! Poo in the Pool… How to Ensure a Safe Swim

    Never take your pool treatment chemicals for granted. The pool water may look clean and clear, but you may be surprised with what can be lurking amongst the depths.

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