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  • Why You Should Try Synchronised Swimming

    So, now you have a squeaky clean swimming pool thanks to our effective pool chemicals, you’ll be wanting to make the most of the wonderful weather by taking a dip as often as possible.

    But if you’re the active type, then lounging around in the shallow end or swimming the odd length or two will get a bit boring after a while. So, why not take up a new hobby and give synchronised swimming a go? You could even practice at home!

    Read on to find out some of the benefits of synchronised swimming and why we think you should give it a go:

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  • 10 Water Sports to Try Before You Die!


    If you have your own swimming pool then it’s likely you take to any body of water like a duck on a pond. So, while your swimming pool is full of our effective cleaning chemicals, why not take a trip to the beach to leave it work its wonders.

    And while you’re down on the golden sands, why not give one of these wonderful water sports a try?

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  • The 5 Most Famous Swimmers of All Time

    Here at Online Pool Chemicals, we’ve decided to take a look at 5 of the most famous swimmers of all time. Take a look to see who has made our list.

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