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  • How to Prevent Sunburn When Swimming

    Are you going on holiday this summer? 5 days off work with your significant other, the kids and some serious tan to gain, oh how your colleagues will envy you! Just remember to be safe and follow our simple guide to staying safe in the sun, especially when it comes to the little ones when swimming.








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  • The 11 Best Pool Toys of All Time

    Noodles Image Source: Flickr

    It’s the summer holidays and time to have plenty of fun in the sun, and the pool of course. But if you find swimming lengths a bit boring after a while, why not grab some pool toys and play some games with the kids.

    Here's our pick of the 11 best pool toys of all time:

    1. Noodles

    They’re a floatation device, a toy and can also be used to make some funny water shooters. These flexible foam tubes are a pool toy staple.


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  • 20 Top Gifs of Dogs in Pools

    We love animals and we love swimming pools, so naturally we find gifs of dogs in swimming pools hilarious. Take a look at our top 20. Do you find them as funny as we do?

    1. Clever Doggy

    This clever pooch has realised that, with a good run up, he can move across the pool on this float of what appears to be polystyrene.
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  • How to clean a swimming pool pump

    cleaning pool pumpRegular cleaning and maintenance of our swimming pools pump and filtering system is just one of the many basic tasks pool-owners need to complete regularly. Ensuring regularly looked after and well maintained filtering systems can save us pool owners a very time consuming (not to mention expensive!) ordeal to put up with further down the line. Some owners have had to replace entire filtration systems just because they avoided simple tasks.

    By simply following these basic steps, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy and not to mention, money!




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