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  • Does My Child Need to Wear Goggles While Swimming?

    Are you starting to teach your child how to swim? Then it is time to stock up on a swimming costume, arm bands and, of course, goggles. But how do you pick the perfect fitting eyewear? Here is everything you need to know about goggles:



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  • Can Swimming Cause Thrush?

    Swimming, particularly during the summer is an activity all, if not most enjoy, especially as the summer months begin to approach. It’s always important to remember though how essential it is to maintain personal hygiene in swimming pools, given the nature of some of the chemicals present in the water.

    That brings us to a common FAQ...

    Q: Can Swimming in a Chemical Treated Pool Cause Thrush?

    A: Yes - but only with frequent swims!

    Chlorine or bromine, in water treatment, are essential in the prevention of harmful bugs. Whilst in the case of feminine health, frequent swimming in this treated water can lower the levels of 'good' bacteria inside the vagina. Whilst there isn’t much to worry about with the occasional dip, frequent use does put women at risk of contracting thrush.

    Ultimately, women are at a greater risk of thrush whilst away on holiday and certain precautions do need to be taken.

    One way of helping to protect yourself from possible effects of swimming is to boost the levels of bacteria in your vagina by applying some natural yogurt (via a tampon) a couple of times a week. Remember to follow this up with a shower to wash off extra chlorine after you have been in the pool.

    So to recap – natural yoghurt, a thorough shower and most importantly enjoy your time off work with a leisurely swim!

    And if you think you may have thrush, you may like to take this short diagnosis from the experts at Balance Activ to help self-diagnose your issues. Click here.

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  • Do Swimming Pool Solar Covers Really Heat a Pool?

    Let’s face it – the UK isn’t the warmest of countries, so if you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool you may like to keep it warm with a solar cover.





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  • 10 Reasons Why Swimming is Great for Kids

    Here at Online Pool Chemicals we love swimming pools – that much should be obvious! We think paddling is great, swimming lengths is fun and floating on a lilo is even better. We also think it’s a great activity for kids.

    Here’s 10 reasons why.

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