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  • The five best pools in the world

    Everybody thinks that their pool is amazing, it’s your own personal escape and provides an excellent place to relax. However, these pools will, almost definitely, blow yours out of the water! If you’re prone to bouts of jealousy, quickly followed by an overwhelming desire to move house to somewhere with a giant garden, then you should probably look away. Here are some of the world’s best pools: Continue reading

  • What you need to consider before buying an above ground pool

    Preparing your pool for spring

    Investing in an outdoor pool, it’s a bed of roses, right? Wrong. Although installing a swimming pool at your property can add great value to a home, as well as giving you a fun, private place to exercise in style, it’s not quite the simple, stress-free home leisure investment that many consider it to be.

    When we’re looking to buy a pool, we need to be sure it’s the right one for us – what are the key things to consider before making the big commitment? Continue reading

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