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  • The 7 Worst Swimwear Designs We’ve Ever Seen

    As online pool chemical specialists we have seen thousands of pools and enjoy learning everything there is to know about the swimming pool industry. However, in the process, we have seen numerous weird and wonderful pieces of swimwear. Here are our picks of the worst swimwear designs we’ve seen:

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  • The 7 Best Swimming Pool Games for Kids of All Time


    Swimming pools and spas are great for relaxing, but if you have young children you may not get much peace and quiet. So, keep them interested, engaged and having fun by playing some of these classic swimming pool games with them. Which is your favourite?

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  • Essential First Aid for Pool Owners

    Owning a pool comes with responsibilities. You need to make sure that you keep the area clean and safe, but sometimes no matter what you do accidents happen. In this situation you need to be prepared to deal with the issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

    Here are all the first aid essentials that you as a pool owner should have under your belt:

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