Everybody thinks that their pool is amazing, it’s your own personal escape and provides an excellent place to relax. However, these pools will, almost definitely, blow yours out of the water! If you’re prone to bouts of jealousy, quickly followed by an overwhelming desire to move house to somewhere with a giant garden, then you should probably look away. Here are some of the world’s best pools:

Infinity pools

Let’s face it, at one point or another you’ve wanted an infinity pool of your own but even some of the best infinity pools in the world can’t match the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali. This five star luxury resort attracts people from all over the globe with their amazing infinity pool with its jungle surroundings. If the main pool isn’t good enough for you, many of the suites have their own infinity pools hanging in the canopy of the Bali tropics.

Over the top

Never to be outdone, the Americans created this amazing hanging pool in Dallas, Texas. The outdoor rooftop pool juts out above the pavement – eight stories below! This pool would provide you with an unforgettable swim with an amazing, adrenaline filled view, something that would be very difficult to reconstruct at home.

Can’t try this at home

Some pools are impossible to recreate, well unless you had as much money as Bill Gates! For example, the largest pool in the world which can be found in Chile requires over 20 acres of land before you even add the water features! Holding over 66 million gallons of water, this behemoth cost nearly £1 billion to make with running costs of around £2 million every year!

Put a lid on it!

If you’re wondering why people bother using the last pool instead of going into the sea, then this next pool will really get you thinking. Not only is it the largest indoor pool, it is also a working replica of a tropical beach, complete with waves, sand, fake blue sky and a temperature of around 30 degrees! Sadly this amazing pool wasn’t making enough money and closed down in 2007.

Going underground

Do you have a cave in your garden that you just can’t decide what to do with? Well, a resort in Utah found this beautiful underground pool that acts as their main tourist attraction.  What’s more this pool is naturally heated using the same geothermal area that creates the temperature base for the Midway hot springs – making this an enjoyable location to swim in any season.

Regardless of whether you have a 5,000m long pool, which is perfectly balanced on the edge of a live volcano, or if you have your typical, enjoyable garden pool, you’ll need to carry out regular pool maintenance to ensure it says clean and pleasant. We provide a huge range of pool chemicals to keep your pool the best it can be!