The Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) impacts everyone using swimming pools, spa pools and hot tubs. This piece of legislation has already impacted a number of industries such as timber treatment and insect control and now impacts our industry.

The products list legislation impacts are biocides, these include Chlorine, Bromine, Algaecides, Non Chlorine Treatment in fact anything which kills and controls biocides.

OPC took the decision to ensure compliance in 2015, 3 years before the legislations came into force and pleased to confirm all biocides sold conform to this legislation thus ensuring our customers have peace of mind, in fact recently our copper algaecides were the first to receive approval; Klearpool Long Life Algaecide, Summerguard Copper Algaecide and Winterguard Copper Algaecide all received the approval number UK-2018-1126

There are a number of reference points that offer a wealth of comprehensive information including

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