Spring will soon be upon us; warmer weather and longer days mean many will be dusting off their hot tubs for another season.

During the winter the hot tub has been dormant and some unwanted visitors may have visited. We recommend you follow these simple steps to ensure a trouble-free season with your water care.

  1. Before you refill the hot tub check for damage as it’s easier to repair when the hot tub is empty.
  1. Check the quality of the filter(s). Usual practice is to replace at the start of the season.
  1. Clean all the surfaces prior to refilling. OPC Spa Waterline Cleaner is ideal. After cleaning all surfaces, they must be dry and free from dirt. Ensure any dirty water at the base (foot well) of the hot tub is removed.
  1. When refilling the hot tub with fresh water, check for leaks; for minor leaks Klearpool Leak Sealer may solve the problem but please refer to the hot tub manufacturer before use.
  1. After refilling the hot tub with fresh water, turn on the heater (refer to the manufacturers guide) and shock dose the water to ensure harmful pathogens are eliminated. Shock dose with OPC Spa Non-Chlorine Shock Granules (follow the dosing guide). Typically wait around a day before bathing commences.
  1. Adjust the water’s pH level to between 7.2 – 7.4. Use either OPC Spa pH Plus to increase the pH level or OPC Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer to decrease the pH level.
  1. When adding chemicals to the water always add small quantities and re-test the water, test strips or a Pooltester is ideal.
  1. This is also a good time to check the Total Alkalinity (TA) readings, the ideal range is 80 – 180 mg/l. To increase TA readings increase with OPC Spa Alkalinity Increaser.
  1. To maintain the sanitiser reading:
  1. If the water is considered to be hard, the final task is to add OPC Spa Scale Inhibitor to help reduce the impact of scale build up.
  1. Check water chemistry levels regularly, this will help maintain excellent water quality for longer.

By following the above step by step guide, you should enjoy another relaxing spring and summer in your hot tub. Until the next time, stay safe from your OPC team.