OPC not only sells a wide range of swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, we also offer a range of garden and household products which we’ll be extending throughout the Spring; one of our most popular outdoor products is Greenclear.

Greenclear removes unsightly green algae found on outdoor surfaces such as patios, driveways, fencing, walls, decking and even road signs, in fact the list is endless (have a look at the before and after images). We have all witnessed the very wet and mild conditions throughout this winter, these are exactly perfect conditions for the green algae to take hold and grow quickly outside. Now that Spring has arrived and air temperatures are slowly warming up, we are all seeing our patios and decking turn an unsightly shade of green.

Jet washing has been the usual method of removing the algae but this is very messy, time consuming and will damage many surfaces including the grout in between paving slabs, driveways and wooden decking; Greenclear is far more effective and far less damaging to surfaces.

Unlike other products on the market Greenclear is concentrated 5 litres. Dilute 1 part of GreenClear to 4 parts of water. Apply 1 litre of diluted product per 3 to 10 square metres of surface, simply spray onto the surfaces and let Greenclear air dry, typically within 10 minutes.

The results speak for themselves, in many cases the application will work within 24 hours.

We will also launch the Osatu Kale-9 Pressure Sprayer, in our opinion this is the best in the market and is the perfect companion for applying Greenclear.