It’s been a long and wet Winter but swimming pool owners have something to look forward to, opening your swimming pool for the warmer weather. Spring has sprung with this Easter weekend looking to be set fine and the perfect platform to open your swimming pool.

Re-commissioning your swimming at the start of the season is straightforward, click on the following link from OPC for a helpful guide:

Another helpful point is to ensure the water level in your swimming pool is not too high, this winter has seen record rainfall throughout the UK so there’s a strong chance the water level could be very high?

Don’t forget the key Online Pool Chemical Products are:

• A test kit either test strips or the pool tester

• Either OPC Chlorine Shock Granules or OPC Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) 14 – 15%

• In hard water areas such as the South East and East Anglia OPC pH & Alkalinity Reducer will be needed to lower the pH reading to 7.2 to ensure the best performance from Chlorine Shock products.

• To restore water clarity use either OPC Pool Sparkle, OPC Floc Granules or OPC Filter Aid Tablets

• And for long term protection against algae add either OPC Summerguard Copper or Copper Free or our very popular algaecide Klearpool Long Life Copper Algaecide

Wishing you all a long and happy season from the OPC team