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  • How Long Should You Really Wait After Eating to Swim? And Other Myths Busted

    We’ve all been told at one point that we shouldn’t swim on a full stomach or that a friend thinks they can’t float because they’re too heavy. But are any of these old wives’ tales true or are they simply myths?

    Let’s find out:

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  • Around the World in Swimming Pool Etiquette

    From China’s bizarre facekini trend to choosing the correct swimming pool lane, taking a dip is more complicated than it looks. Read up on our guide to swimming pool etiquette and avoid making a faux pas.

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  • The 10 Best Swimming Pool GIFs

    We love swimming pools and we love GIFs. Put the two together and you’re looking at some seriously tasty entertainment. These are 10 of our all-time faves:

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  • Great Grotto Swimming Pools and Spas

    Have you always dreamt of having a pool in your home? Well, if that reality is about to come true why not make it the best it can be? A standard rectangular pool is great but a grotto swimming pool is spectacular! And don’t forget a spa too!

    Take a look at these amazing grotto style swimming pools and spas for some design inspiration for your very own garden creation. And don’t forget you’ll need pool and spa chemicals to keep yours looking just as fabulous.

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  • The World’s 3 Best Water Parks

    Are you a water baby and an adrenaline junkie? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find some of the best water parks in the world. Take a look to see what’s made our list and feel inspired to go and visit water parks that set themselves apart from others by waves. Read on.

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  • Swimming Pools on the Silver Screen

    You wouldn’t think it, but swimming pools often make an appearance on our screens. They actually feature as significant scenes in films or TV series’, but somehow we manage to overlook them.

    So what are some of the best swimming pool scenes in film and television? Take a look at our most memorable swimming pool scenes.

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  • A Romantic Valentine’s Day Spent by the Pool


    (image: Villa Seminyak)

    Valentine’s Day is just a short time away, so have you decided how you will be celebrating your love? You could go out for a meal, book a holiday, or why not spend a more affordable night at home – it can be just as special.

    Here are a few ideas for inspiration on how you can make your Valentine’s evening in the best you’ve had yet:

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  • Pool Party Ideas: How to Throw the Best Pool Party

    If you have your very own pool in your garden this makes for the perfect location for a party when the warm weather months arrive. However planning a pool party will differ greatly depending on who you are planning the party for.

    Here’s some inspiration for a pool party for children and for adults:

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  • The World’s Best Water Slides

    If you love swimming pools then we’re sure you’ll enjoy a good water slide. Here is our pick of some of the best water slides in the world – have you ridden any of them?

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  • Meet the World's Biggest Swimming Pool

    More of a lake than a pool, this behemoth has been drawing tourists from far and wide. Crystal Lagoon, as it is known, is a feat of modern engineering and a reflection of the western worlds need for everything to be bigger than what has gone before.

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