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  • How Swimming Can Improve Bad Circulation

    If you suffer from bad circulation, trying to get rid of that annoying ache or having to constantly shake your legs into action can be a real day-to-day annoyance.

    While many recommend stretching, yoga or even running as a way to combat your circulation issues, these options don’t always solve the problem. So, why not opt for something different?

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  • Why Would You Choose Winter Swimming?

    As insane as it sounds, there are those who choose to enjoy a spot of outdoor swimming in spite of there being plenty of indoor pools available.

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  • Swimming Through History: Oddest Olympic Pool Moments

    The Olympic Games are a fete unlike no other, but it’s not without its oddities. Here we’ll take a look through Olympics past in order to bring you the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing stories of the swimming world at the legendary event.

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  • Everything You Need-to-Know About Algae and Your Swimming Pool

    It can be pink, black or green, but whatever colour and form it comes in, it’s never nice to take a dip in a swimming pool filled with algae.

    Here we’ve collated all of our informative posts on algae in one handy, all-inclusive hub, so you can put an end to your swimming pool algae issues for good.

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  • Chlorine vs. Bromine: What’s the Difference?


    If you’ve found this post, then you probably know that you should be using chemicals to sanitise your hot tub and swimming pool so it is safe to use. But, do you know which chemicals you should be using?

    Here we’ll compare the two major ingredients found in most chemical water sanitisers, shock treatments and algaecides. Which will you buy – chlorine or bromine?

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  • What to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub?


    Sick of the freezing cold outside and dreaming of warmer climes? Perhaps you’re thinking “should I buy a hot tub?” That’ll certainly warm your cockles. Well, we’re all for it, but here are a few things to consider and what to look for in a hot tub before you hand over that credit card:

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  • Your Ultimate Hot Tub FAQ Hub

    Do you have a problem with your hot tub or spa? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we address some of the most common hot tub problems and talk you through how to fix them.

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  • Which is Better: Inground or Above Ground Pools?

    Whether you’re a first time pool buyer or an experienced previous owner, if you’re thinking of investing in a swimming pool there is an important decision to be made: do you look at inground or above ground pools?

    Well, there are benefits to both:

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  • The World’s Most Unusual Hot Tubs

    dutchtubWhether you call it a hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi, they come in all shapes and sizes. Clad in wood or inflated with an air pump, there are a vast variety of styles on the market (all of which can be shocked and sanitised with our hot tub chemicals). Some are even rather bizarre looking.
    Here are some of the world’s most unusual hot tubs:

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  • The 7 Worst Swimwear Designs We’ve Ever Seen

    As online pool chemical specialists we have seen thousands of pools and enjoy learning everything there is to know about the swimming pool industry. However, in the process, we have seen numerous weird and wonderful pieces of swimwear. Here are our picks of the worst swimwear designs we’ve seen:

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