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It’s the summer holidays and time to have plenty of fun in the sun, and the pool of course. But if you find swimming lengths a bit boring after a while, why not grab some pool toys and play some games with the kids.

Here's our pick of the 11 best pool toys of all time:

1. Noodles

They’re a floatation device, a toy and can also be used to make some funny water shooters. These flexible foam tubes are a pool toy staple.




2. Sea Saw Rocker Pool Toy

SeeSaw Rocker

Image Source: RantLifestyle

Okay, so admittedly this inflatable toy is only fun if used by 2 people of a similar weight, but if you can get that right, it is a hell of a ride.

3. Underwater Pool Skateboard

Pool Skateboard

Image Source: All Swim Ltd

We don’t know about you, but when we were little we dreamed of having a hover board like in the film Back to the Future. But this board may be even better – it’s used underwater!

4. Water Blasters

Water Blaster

Image Source: Rebel Sport

Water fights are great fun, so why not invest in a water blaster? They’re light and are easily refillable – simply hold them under the water for a few seconds.

5. Floating basketball hoops

Basketball Hoop

Image Source: SFGate

Looking for something a little more active? Then invite more friends over and have your very own basketball game in the pool. Which team do you think will win?

6. Pool ball

Pool Ball

Image Source: The Daily Sheeple

And you can’t play basketball without a ball. Pick up an air filled one like this and you could also have a game of volleyball.

7. Toypedos

Pool Torpedo

Image Source: This Is Why I'm Broke

A military missile or torpedo, speeds through water with its streamline design. This toy miniature version has a similar design without the bang.

8. Radio control boat or submarine

RC Sub

Image Source: Coolest Toys

These aren’t your regular remote controlled vehicles – they can be operated from underwater. So grab the remote and dive in!

9. Inflatable ring

Rubber Ring

Image Source: Wikipedia

There is nothing more relaxing than floating around in the water on a hot summer’s day in an inflatable rubber ring.

10. Dive sticks

Dive Sticks

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Become an expert diver with these simple dive sticks. Throw them into the water and the weight will draw them down to the bottom. How deep can you dive?

11. Aqua splats

Aqua Splats

Image Source: CW Swim School

Perfect for toddlers and younger children, these soft foam pool toys can be thrown around without harming anyone. And the colourful and friendly looking characters are sure to pique a child’s imagination.

Do you remember any of these toys from your childhood? Or perhaps your kids now play with them? Well, we think they’re all great, but which are your favourites?