We love animals and we love swimming pools, so naturally we find gifs of dogs in swimming pools hilarious. Take a look at our top 20. Do you find them as funny as we do?

1. Clever Doggy

This clever pooch has realised that, with a good run up, he can move across the pool on this float of what appears to be polystyrene.


2. Water Skiing Fun

In this gif a little girl is learning how to water ski in a swimming pool, and it looks like so much fun her pet dog wants to get involved in the action.

3. Little Chihuahua

Little dogs can be just as good at swimming as big dogs!

4. Slow Motion Diver

Check out this dog’s diving technique in this slow motion diving gif.

5. Mother and Child

Swimming can be a fun activity for all the family, and this parent child duo are showing you how it should be done.

6. Public Doggy Pool

We have public swimming pools and lidos for humans, so why not make one for dogs? Oh wait, these people already have!

7. Get Wet

It is so easy to slip and fall into a pool; this dog learnt this lesson the hard way.

8. Lifesaver

Did you get your lifesaving qualifications as a child? Well, in case of an emergency this dog has you covered.

9. Eager Beaver

This little doggy is so excited about getting in the water that he has already started practising his stroke before he even hits the water.

10. Just Can’t Reach It

He can’t quite reach the ball, but he better get in there quick or someone else will come in and steal it. The water won’t hurt you!

11. Hitch Hiking

This clever pooch decided to hitch a ride on the back of a puppy ferry.

12. Biting Water

That will teach them for trying to bite the water.

13. Angry at Water

Similar to the last gif, this dog seems to be angry at the water for some reason.

14. Persistence

Now this is determination. Will he get the ball?

15. Babies

These tiny puppies have to swim in a shallow pool because they are so little.

16. Push and Pull

Ever seen a dog jump into the centre of a rubber donut. Well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. This dog chickens out.

17. Pure Excitement

This dog is so excited to see water. We wonder if he’s seen a paddling pool before?

18. Andrex Puppies Everywhere

We’ve never seen so much cuteness in one place before.

19. Run and Dive

Here’s another doggy diver.

20. Pug in Goggles

Last, but not least, is our favourite gif of all. A pug in goggles. Enjoy!

So, which was your favourite gif? If you’ve made your own of your dog in a swimming pool, send it over... we’d love to see it!

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