Taking time out to undertake those vital weekly jobs on your hot tub or swim spa will save you plenty of time in the long run. Undertaking a simple regime will ensure the water is ready for the next bathing session and you’ll gain the maximum enjoyment from your investment.

Many owners find Sunday evening is the best time to undertake the weekly water maintenance schedule although the decision is yours, but ensure these vital jobs are completed.

• Weekly Shock Dosing to remove unfilterable waste and improve overall water quality. Add OPC Spa Non Chlorine Shock Granules directly to the water with circulation and all valves open to ensure thorough distribution of the chemical. Remove the filter(s) for best results, this is an ideal opportunity to clean the cartridge filter.

• Filter Cleaning is the key to good quality Hot Tub and Swim Spa water, every last drop of water and pollution will pass through these filters. A good regime to employ is to clean the filters with OPC Spa Instant Filter Cleaner each week for 3 weeks and then on week 4 use OPC SPA Cartridge Cleaner for a deep overnight soak to remove stubborn deposits.

• In areas of hard water (high levels of calcium and other minerals) adding OPC Spa Scale Inhibitor weekly will help avoid the build-up of calcium deposits on the surface of the hot tub orb spa and within the internal pipework and pumps. Overtime this build-up of scale will reduce water flow and harbour an environment for bacteria to hide out.

• During periods of prolonged uses a scumline can start to form, this scumline is made up of the oils and fats from the bathers and will stick to the side of the hot tub. This deposit is quickly and easily removed with OPC Spa Waterline Cleaner; top tip is always ensure you use a clean cloth to apply the cleaner and rinse out in a clean bucket of water (not the hot tub or swim spa water…!)

Following these simple weekly tasks will help ensure you enjoy the relaxation your hot tub or swim spa has to offer.

*Use biocides safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.